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Revers Biz (short as Revers) is a proprietary owned enterprise whose main goal is to introduce unique and innovative products to the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independence States) market place. Ms. Maryna Burushkina, one of the company’s owners, described their company this way: “Revers is not just a regular company, but a team of motivated and highly skilled business professionals who are dedicating their work for presenting unique products to the CIS market”.


Revers Biz is targeting only unique and innovative products that have a good potential in Ukraine and CIS countries. Our Marketing and R&D Department is constantly investigating projects that would be demanded by CIS citizens. Below is the short description of our most current projects:

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REVERS is mainly active in automotive chemicals, motor oil and lubricants, consulting services and electric vehicle. It has successfully done many international projects for companies like Miller&Muller (Yukoil), SIG Motors, MOSH Group, AQway–TV, etc. The company now is willing to extend its business to west European countries and fast developing countries such as China.





2014 y.     67
2013 y.     74
2012 y.     46
2011 y.     15
2010 y.       2



GPA 4,5

Photo Bank Revers & Zhukov design
Revers & Zhukov Design has developed a comprehensive design package for fuel and oil additives for the company "SABTAB-CN", provider of auto chemical goods in China. The plans of the company "SABTAB" promotion of products in Russia and CIS countries. For product catalog, which is slated this year was held a photo shoot in the historical center of Moscow and prepared for packaging consumer information.

© Customer: SABTAB ™, 2014.
Outsourcing - project. NANO Motoroil
Revers & Zhukov desigm company with the assistance of the European manufacturer of motor oils implement largest outsourcing - project.
High Performance Lubricants (made in UK) packed in a metal can 4 and 1 liter.

Completed works:
- The definition of market demand;
- Select the manufacturer of raw materials and packaging;
- Development of special (restorative) additive package;
- Engineering and design work.

• China-UK, in 2012 the project was implemented in 18 months.
Effective formulations
Together with the engineers of the customer specialists outsourcing company "Revers" developed a series of cleaning the internal surfaces of the engine. Testing, which lasted 3 months was carried out on several service stations such 4S in Beijing and showed excellent results. New service products have shown high efficiency, so quickly gained popularity. Company "Revers" has a library of recipes that are matched with the maximum profitability and customer care.
Logo design BraBur
Brand-studio «REvers & Zhukov Design» developed naming and logo brand BraBur. The name is derived by adding the initial letters of "Brothers Burushkiny", which has a strong positive momentum. Neum is similar to the well-known brand among car owners "Brabus", which corresponds to the strategy of the customer. Logo with the image of two letters "B", intertwined easily recognizable and creates a sense of familiarity new brand BraBur.

• 2011., Germany. * available.
Designing packaging Duple-Pack
Two-piece canister Duple-Pack for liquids and oils.
Development Outsourcing Company REvers performed on firm order Germany SABTAB Technology.
Product is designed for industrial liquids and chemical goods.
Guarantees isolated packaging components and prevents them from mixing until use.

Can be used for filling and storage of cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other liquids.

• The finished product goes into production 04. 2014, after a 14-month training.
MAX-MIX fuel additives MOSH™
An important objective of the project was to find a manufacturer of aluminum bottle with a neck 23 mm.
This should provide a convenient introduction of the narrow neck of the fuel tank fueling vehicle. The second feature of the project was to develop an inexpensive but effective formulations due to high competition in retail outlets.
This problem was solved by the use of complex additives govt BASF (Germany).

• Contractor: Outsourcing company REvers, a series of 12 products, China, 2012
Project TOYO. Oil for Motorcycles.
Task. Create a recognizable series of products under the brand name «TOYO» under which it is possible to sell a variety of car products.
Agency Revers & Zhukov design was proposed to position the new brand «TOYO» in the highest price category.
As a supplier of raw material was selected Eneos - Japanese manufacturer of high-quality car oils.
- Annotations in Japanese and Russian languages;
- Metal cans with colored top and bottom ends;
- Reusable spring cap.

© TOYO ™, 2012
Science - trade
To car owners can evaluate the properties of high MOSH products before buying, the company "REvers Zhukov and design" has developed tubes, probes.
They contain 12 ml, equivalent to 1/10 of the standard bottle for automobile chemicals.
The packaging will have a long spout integral with tuba and break-off cap. The next series will contain 24 ml. concentrated cleaners.
This decision will allow them to advance, as a full service facilities to service the car.
Create a bright annotations
Task. Development readable, understandable and interesting annotations for use. The company uses in the production of SABTAB latest German technology, which achieves high production efficiency. For the application of professional tools required special tools.
To the buyer immediately comprehensible way to use annotations to the goods accompanied by a legible graphic illustrations.

© Client: Germany SABTAB Technology, Hong Kong, 2011.
Corporate hero - Mr.Tab
During the development of the visual brand identity Germany SABTAB Technology starting point was the study of the sign and logo creation of the brand. The undisputed leader in the testing focus groups was the concept of "German auto mechanic." A young man holding in his hand a wrench - certainly recognizable and dominant brand attributes.
To study the character of art attracted leading illustrator of Kharkov - Alexander Zhukov.

© Agency REvers Zhukov and Design, 2014
Effective WEB - design
"The socket-outlet is - do not need gasoline" - main message and slogan site for electric SIG. «SIG-motors» - Kiev company specializing in the production and promotion of commercial electric vehicles. Kharkov designer Alexander Zhukov created copyrights illustration and his companions prepare a text in an unusual form: "Dialogues with electric vehicles." What came out of it - to judge you after visiting the site

© Client: SIG - motors, Kiev, Ukraine, 2013.
Commercially attractive projects
What consumers need? What are his motivations and preferences? What he believes? In order to build a truly successful brand need to do something really useful for people to do it accurately. Outsourcing company Revers & Zhukov design, implement successful projects for quick start of sales of new products and effective profit.

— We define a highly profitable, and prepare business - plan on request.
Active tabs for cars
Each time you press on the wiper arm, we do not think how much water spilled out onto the windshield of our car.
Autochemistry tablets, developed by SABTAB and packed in design - studio Revers & Zhukov design - a reasonable alternative to liquid concentrates, relieves the buyer from having to pay for a liter.
The highlight of the design was the image of the character "Sweeper" - man with a brush, alludes to the consumer on the cleaning properties of the goods.
Manufacturing of aerosol products
If you plan to enter the market of aerosol products, the company Revers outsourcing can be very useful. Simple at first glance process hides many surprises. An alternative solution - to order the project in outsourcing company, which in a short time to supply the necessary equipment and train staff.

• The line for the manufacture aerosol products MOSH™, China 2012 Term start of the project 6 months.
Bank of ready-made ideas
Integrated development of new products.
Introduction of new products in the range, market launch of new products from scratch, restyling of existing products - this is not a complete list of problems solved creative bureau Revers & Zhukov design.
As a result, you get:
- Not in between, and the end result;
- Optimal price - quality;
- Controlled process, which is the responsibility of the artist.
- Manufacture of industrial batches.
Windshield Fluid "Bullfinch"
Objective: Production nonfreezing liquid in packages of "doy-pack" on-site customer.
Completed works:
- The choice of packaging doy-pack 2 L .;
- Design works;
- Control of manufacture and delivery of the package;
- Patenting of the trademark;
- Preparation of technical documentation and certification;
- Selection of suppliers of raw materials and components:
- Set up manufacturing technology;
- The organization of the sales network.

© SNEGIR ™, Ukraine, 2010
* The project is implemented in 50
"Purity-Tabs". Household chemicals.
Agency REvers & Zhukov Design has developed a brand of household assets "Purity-Tabs™". Investor was "NOY Team" Company. The aim was to develop a comprehensive brand (concept, naming, copywriting, logo, illustration, packaging design). The name "Purity-Tabs" contains a direct reference to the tablet form tools and hints at a certain effect.

© "Purity-Tabs™", 2013г.
Functional carton box
Reviewed by a customer representative, Mr Dun Ming of the agency Revers & Zhukov design.
"Packaging is convenient, practical and informative. Intelligent design for re-opening and closing, as provided with a valve to cut down a lock, inserted in the appropriate slot on the side of the carton box. In short, can be used repeatedly. "
By adding the convenience of duty glory storage and transportation, the customer has set a very high score for order fulfillment.

© SABTAB ™ 2014
Icons for household products.
Copyright icon for the brand of "Purity-Tabs". The next stage of development of the company "NOY Team" Company became the ruler of related products - pressed napkins. Now households can easily choose the desired products. All this was made possible by a simple notation. The icons show the key features of the product and allow you to get the data you need.

© Customer: "NOY-Team ™", Ukraine, 2012.
Personage series repair additives
Restorative compositions (revitalizants) are presented in the form of fuel additives and additives for cars oils. Scheduled for release of the nine most popular MOSH auto chemistry. Design, developed outsourcing company Revers & Zhukov Design. As the main character of a series of products MOSH stands mechanic. Luxurious mustache and sideburns hint at Bavarian roots hero. Caring assistant with a large screwdriver ready with special warmth to care for your car.

© MOSH ™, 2011, China
Rebranding and new product groups
Branding agency "REvers & Zhukov design" has completed work on the redesign of a series of remedial additives MOSH ™.
Front of the studio task was to make the product more compelling to a broad audience of car owners and justify his "new" price on the shelf.
Honest approach product manufacturer and developer of the concept of appearance, the company aims to REvers not leave the consumer indifferent.

• China, 2012
Metal modifiers "Reversol"
Repair and restoration compositions or as they are called "modifiers" are intended for repair of engines and machinery. Outsourcing - the company "REvers" offers an active modifier metal REVERSOL (made in Germany) to improve consumer properties of oils and service products. Modifier in the form of a gel as well as the proposed final product packaged in 12ml tubes. To test the proposed feelers modifier, technical documentation and materials testing.
Industrial outsourcing
Address for service outsourcing industry - is a complex solution for every manager, which can not be ill-conceived.

Want you to know exactly what benefits will receive: will be deprived of all the problems that have a direct manufacturer, such as search facilities, expertise and equipment for the production, procurement of raw materials and other costs related to this process.

You will receive a finished product with your brand. Will it just to sell regular customers
Tin can in the service autochemistry
Convenient packaging easy - open.
Different people are different convenience. For some consumers convenient package - is the one that is easy to open, while other convenience - it is, above all, the absence of difficulties in transporting and re-closing. But one thing remains the same: as soon as consumers are faced with products that facilitate their lives, they are unlikely to switch to similar products of other brands that do not have the same advantages.

© YUKOIL ™, Ukraine, 2010.
From designers. For designers.
Revers & Zhukov Design (Hong Kong) has developed a new logo and corporate identity, as well as created a brand book selling embedded telesystems. .company Akwei known for promoting special design TVs that can operate according to experts, even under water. And developed a special system infogramm wearing both applied and decorative.

© Aqway ™ 2011. Ukraine
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Windshield Fluid "Bullfinch"

Objective: Production nonfreezing liquid in packages of "doy-pack" on-site customer. Completed works: - The choice of packaging doy-pack 2 L .; - Design works; - Control of manufacture and delivery of the package; - Patenting of the trademark; - Preparation of technical documentation and certification; - Selection of suppliers of raw materials and components: - Set up manufacturing technology; - The organization of the sales network. © SNEGIR ™, Ukraine, 2010 * The project is implemented in 50

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