design &  outsoursing

ever since 2001

REVERS is a proprietary owned enterprise whose main goal is to introduce unique and innovative products to the CIS and European countries marketplace. 

REVERS is an SME which consists of 12 highly skilled professionals with more than 10 years experience in different working fields. Revers.Biz has the following departments responsible for different working processes: Marketing and Sales, Advertisement and Promotion, Design, Legal Department, Human Resource Management, Customer Service, and International Relations. All of the departments are working closely with each other in order to ensure high productivity of the work.


chemical production
chemist - professional

Library formulations auto chemistry and

car care products for quick start of the

new project. Core components are selected

for maximum profitability of final goods.

Lore & Experience

professional industrial
creators and

Brand created "all inclusive".

We offer a professional naming, logo design

and corporate identity, packaging design

and a number of other design work.


line assembly and testing
plant renovation
or outsoursing

Automotive chemicals, oils, and other products

can be made outside of your company.

REVERS optimizes the production process,

choosing partners and control the quality

of the finished product

the marketing
"shark sales"

What consumers need?
What are his motivations and preferences?
What he believes?

Development of business plans, deep analysis

of interest market segment and more.

only useful
experience of many years

Developing solutions with industry-specific,

features of corporate governance and

strategic preferences of the customer.

Increasing the value chain. (design, quality,

marketing channels, etc.)

legislative regulation
certification and

Registration in international systems barcoding

EAN. Article templates SKU. Preparation

of technical documentation for national certification

of products. Security system RICH. Writing

annotations that promote the sale of goods

Why does it work?


You attract customers

Products and services tailored to the international standards and industry-specific stimulate sales and allows the company to quickly achieve their strategic objectives.

Simple cost optimization

-70% Of the office and production. The company is exempt from the costs associated with asset management, and human resources.

Improving the quality of goods

Knowledge, experience, specialized equipment and new technologies can reduce costs and improve product quality.

Manufacturing flexibility

Customer can easily turn to another provider, if the contractor ceases to meet its requirements.

Global outsourcing

12 company + 7 countryes + 8 languages

The Partner program REVERS BIZ implemented for 12 companies located in 7 countries with support 8 languages.

The partner program can be easily integrated into your production or marketing model taking into account national features.

That would take advantage of our experts contact us.